15 Questions to Understand ITIL® Foundation Exam format

The ITIL Foundation Certification is the first stage that needs to be completed to be eligible for the ITIL Intermediate Certification, ultimately to become an ITIL Expert. Hence, it is very important to understand the structure of ITIL Foundation exam which will help you plan your strategy for scoring well in the final exam.

MyITstudy ITIL Foundation simulated test has a countdown timer, and includes buttons to move to the Next Question, Previous Question and View all Answers. The exam also allows you to Mark Questions which you can review later.

MyITstudy simulated exam provides all the features similar to the ITIL Foundation Exam format – so, just 15 minutes of test will help you understand all about the ITIL Foundation exam format.

You will also understand why MyITstudy is considered as “THE BEST” solution for ITIL Foundation exam aspirants as it evaluates your answers to identify your strong and weak areas, and provides the breakup of time for different questions.

Click here to work on free 15 Questions to Understand ITIL Foundation Exam format

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