Types of Service Desk in ITIL

The exact nature of the Service Desk should be decided by the IT department in response to customer and business requirements. There are four types of Service Desk which are :

Local Service Desk : Co-located within or physically close to the user community it serves. This often aids communication, gives a clearly visible presence, and can support a local language and cultural differences, but can be often inefficient and expensive to resources as the volume and arrival rate of calls may not justify the minimum staffing levels required.

Centralized Service Desk : The number of service Desks can be reduced by merging them into a single location or a smaller number of locations. This can be more efficient and cost-effective allowing fewer staff to deal with a higher volume of calls. It might still be necessary to maintain some ‘local presence’, but such staff can be controlled and deployed from the central desk.

Virtual Service Desk : Through the use of technology, particularly the internet, and corporate support tools, it is possible to give the impression of a single, centralized Service Desk when in fact the personnel may be in any number or types of locations.

Follow the Sun : Some global or international organizations may combine two or more of their geographically dispersed Service Desks to provide a 24-hour follow- the-sun service.


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