How an ITIL certification can help a Professional in Career and Organization

Every Organization worth their share in the market, wants to provide the best of services to their customers. It is not surprising that larger the organization, higher will be the amount of challenges that should be overcome. For Small Businesses who want to gain a substantial hold on the market, the major risk and challenge will be to emulate the technological developments of larger organizations.  Although every organization believes in “Failure is the stepping stone to success” it cannot be ruled out that minimum loss and middle level achievements are the major turning stones for success in both cases.

To minimize the errors, challenges and risks in their projects, products and services, Organizations have embarked on implementing principles and processes of various certifications such as ITIL, PRINCE2 (Projects in Controlled Environments) and PMP (Project Management Professional). In recent times, ITIL Certification has been growing in popularity because it is a framework and not a standard. Even organizations such as NASA and Disneyland have implemented ITIL in their IT Service Management systems and have attained success.

ITIL Certification for a Professional’s career:

Many organizations have implemented ITIL concepts in their processes for providing the best services to their customers and also are in the need for ITIL certified professionals. May be, in the future, an ITIL certification can become mandatory for professionals who wish to make their mark in the IT industry.

Any certification which allows a professional to become updated with the recent developments in technology as well as providing solutions for challenges in his/her domain should be lauded. While the ITIL Foundation Course prepares them for facing the challenges, an Intermediate ITIL certification in their domain provides them solutions to the risks and drawbacks in projects by equipping them with knowledge about the up-to-date tools and best practices of IT Service Management. In fact, less time and investment is needed for an ITIL certification, but the benefits garnered from it are immense.

An ITIL Intermediate certification will help Professionals add extra value to their resume and they will be able to command a much higher price in case they need to search for better work opportunities.  For example, if a professional has earned an ITIL Intermediate Certification in Service Transition and has applied for a higher job profile in Change Management, the certification assures potential employers that that he/she are aware of the best practices and can implement the required concepts in the organization.

In recent times, even experienced analysts and trade punters cannot predict the recession and failure of stock markets. Even multinational organizations are faced with failure which may amount to loss of jobs. Just as Life Insurance is mandatory for a person’s savings and security, an additional certification like the ITIL can be better termed as an investment tool with regards to the future career. For the organization in which the ITIL certified Professional is employed, ITIL concepts can help to improve efficiency and effectiveness of existing and new processes in their projects.

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