What is the difference between ITIL V3 and ITIL 2011

ITIL V3 is no longer being offered?

Thinking about doing ITIL Course? Yes the ITIL V3 is no more offered; rather it is the updated ITIL 2011. Do not worry; it wouldn’t give you any differentiation in the job market. So you don’t need to retake the ITIL 2011 certification.

There has been a lot of confusion about the latest version of ITIL and people are confused whether ITIL 2011 is a version change or just an update.

As the official ITIL Update FAQs state, “ITIL 2011 is an update, not a new version”. No entirely new concepts have been added, but the aim of the update is to “resolve errors and inconsistencies in the text and diagrams across the whole suite”.

Let’s try to know the History of ITIL Certification.

In the early 1980’s British government determined that the quality of IT service provided by was not sufficient. Hence the CCTA developed an framework for IT Service management and  ITIL as a concept emerged in the 1980’s.

IT boom in the 2000 saw the need to upgrade the version of existing version as IT service management was far more widely used as a best practice and in 2001 ITIL V2 was released.

And in 2007, it was upgraded to ITIL V3. The difference between ITIL V2 and V3 was that ITIL V3 adopted a lifecycle approach to IT service management, and had a great emphasis on integration of IT with business.

Now what actually has changed?

The latest version also comprises of the five lifecycle publications as in the previous version.

There is no visual difference in the ITIL Foundation. But there have been some changes in various sections of the five publications.

So then, why is this change?

Whatever you call it, whether it is an UPDATE or a CHANGE, you have to accept that OGC is making efforts to tune IT Service Management with the latest trends. And this tuning itself a factor that the world of IT is ever-changing and to survive in this competitive world ITIL is reinventing itself to survive.

Logically the ITIL 2011 is still ITIL V3; it is just refreshed with new updates to 2011. I do not think that organizations are going to need to make dramatic changes or implement these updates to their current services.

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