Why Become CompTIA Network+ Certified

CompTIA Network+ certification was introduced by Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) in 1999 to test the skills of network technicians with some amount of relevant experience in this field. It tests the minimum knowledge required for working on a network and some prerequisites for network design and implementation. Network+ exam patterns were updated in 2002, 2005, and 2009.

Network+ certification ensures that the successful candidate has the required skillsets to manage basic network infrastructure and manage it efficiently by having knowledge of troubleshooting, installing, configuring and operating the infrastructure.

This certificate showcases that a candidate has the knowledge of the conceptual aspects of networking and a basic competency in the physical support of the network systems. It enjoys wide recognition throughout the IT industry, with it being considered a natural next step after CompTIA A+ certification.

As CompTIA is a well-respected developer of vendor neutral industry certifications, the major benefits associated with becoming a Network+ certification are:

  • Fulfilment of training requirements
  • Proof of professional achievement
  • Opportunity of career advancement

Fulfilment of training requirements: Network+, because of it wide recognition, is recognized by the IT industry as a baseline of networking information. Many companies prefer a possession of both A+ and Network+ certifications for hiring and promotions.

Proof of professional achievement: Networking professionals are obsessed with collecting more certificates than their peers. As Network + covers the entire field of networking, many technicians prefer Network+ certification more than many other Microsoft certifications

Opportunity for career advancement: Network+ certification provides a definite edge to the candidate in his/her pursue of a better rewarding career, as it showcases the skillsets and knowledge necessary for a better profile.

It is recommended, but not mandatory, for CompTIA Network+ candidates to have the following:

  • CompTIA A+ certification or equivalent knowledge
  • Have at least 9 to 12 months of work experience in IT networking and related fields

If an individual is already working in the networking industry, and already has a few certifications to showcase, still it will be a wise decision to go for a CompTIA Network Plus certification, because this achievement will make the employee even more valuable to the organization. And in this dynamic scenario, a certification like a Network+ will probably be the difference between a person getting promoted and a person getting laid off!

A really good thing about working in the IT industry is that it is constantly evolving and hence, there are always new concepts to learn. Once the Network+ certification is obtained, the Cisco CCNA certification is definitely the next step forward.

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