Career Benefits of Cisco Certifications

As the network continues to evolve, the demand for professionals who have the skills and training needed to manage and maintain networks will continue to grow. As a result, matching the right jobs with right talent will become more imperative than ever before, even without considering the ever changing business dynamics in a highly competitive global environment.

Research has revealed that certified professionals almost always bring increased productivity and lower costs to an organization. In fact, according to the IDC research, each new certification on a team leads to increased productivity and the following benefits:

  • Unscheduled downtime was 20 % lower in organizations with more certified professionals
  • Budgets spent on external support for network management were 20 % lower
  • Budgets spent on external support for network security were 30 % lower

Cisco certification salary surveys show consistent gains in compensation among professionals who invest time mastering the networking company’s technology. Cisco’s own research shows that certified professionals often earn as much as 10 % more than peers without Cisco credentials working in similar networking and routing jobs.

Cisco organizes its certifications into four broad tiers designed to help professionals measure their growth over time. In addition, professionals can earn highly specialized versions of each certification, validating their expertise in niche areas such as:

  • Network design
  • Routing and switching
  • Voice
  • Wireless
  • Service provider operations
  • System architecture

Astonishingly, the demand for IT workers with Cisco certifications often outstrips the supply. At many organizations, where IT and networking roles have been brought in-house, hiring managers often rely on industry accepted certifications to verify a job seeker’s expertise and skills. And as most Cisco certifications stack over time, professionals can often divulge their tenure in this particular industry just by revealing their highest certification level!

Recent statistics tell the story of talent development and the transforming employment world:

  • By 2018, 40 % of jobs will be in five industries:
  1. Information Technology
  2. Government and Public Education
  3. Professional and Business Services and Healthcare
  4. Private Education
  5. Financial Services
  • Technological shifts will create high demand for IT certified in Large Scale Networks, Data Center, Cloud Computing, Video, Security and Collaboration technologies.
  • Employers will need 22 million new workers with postsecondary degrees and we will fall short by three million workers, a deficit of 300,000 college graduates every year between now and 2018.
  • Of total global employment, 75-90 % of jobs will require postsecondary education or training

Results from IDC research also reveal that when an organization has more than 50 % of team members certified the organization experiences above average performance. By looking for professionals with Cisco Certifications, employers validate skills and increase the productivity of their organizations. So without any doubt, Cisco certifications carry enormous value for any individual who wants to get ahead of the pack in the IT and Networking industry.


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