How important is CompTIA Certification

The need to advance or improve one’s credentials has become an import factor in this growing world. To beat the competition one should do the certifications and be a step ahead from others. There are many certifications, based on the expertise you have in, you can choose the one most relevant. Out of many one is CompTIA, doing which you not only gets the recognition but also the growth you would want. CompTIA is one of the most valued certifications as it covers a variety of fields like computer networking, IT security, Linux programming etc.

One way to be ahead of others, in a growing world of competitive job market the need to advance or improve one’s credentials cannot be ignored. For the beginners of the IT field CompTIA A+ is the most recommended of all as it makes you perfect as a computer technician. Topics covered under A+ are as installation, preventative maintenance, networking, security and troubleshooting. The exam is internationally accepted and relevant, also it is vendor neutral. Many employers see it as the proof of your ability to work with computers. No wonder, experts call A+ certification as a step in the right direction to more advanced CompTIA certification.

Once you are done with CompTIA A+ certification, you would look out for the next level i.e. CompTIA Network+ which is even more important than the CompTIA A+ certification. This certification makes you efficient in running, maintaining, troubleshooting, installing, and configuring computer network infrastructures. Companies which have large number of computer networks, connecting many employees, this certification is for them. There is high demand for IT networking professionals, so getting your CompTIA Network+ certification is a good next step after you complete your A+ certification.

CompTIA A+ is the basic of all the certifications provided by CompTIA. Another important CompTIA certification is CompTIA Network+. This certification tests your proficiency in maintaining, running, troubleshooting, installing, and configuring computer network infrastructures. This is majorly in need in companies where hundreds of employees get connected to the network. After you complete your A+ certification, it’s always suggested to get CompTIA network+ certification too as it is in huge demand

There are many more certification offered by CompTIA, based on your interest and passion, you can choose the one which is more relevant for your career growth.

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