Tips for passing the CompTIA Network+ exam

The CompTIA Network+ Certification exam is not a very difficult one to clear, but one needs to keep in mind certain points before attempting the exam. The article here will help you to ensure that you have covered all your bases and are well prepared while taking the Network+ examination. So let’s cut to the chase – here are the top tips for the CompTIA Network+ examination:

  1. Read the questions carefully: Seems obvious, but merits special attention here. For some questions, you might get options which solve a slightly different problem than the one asked, so understanding the problem to be solved is crucial.
  2. Read the answers VERY carefully: This is even more important than the first point. You need to be wary of the following types of options:
    1. Options which are close acronyms of familiar terms, for e.g. OS2 instead of OSI.
    2. Options which look right but they are not technically correct.
    3. Options which recommend a ‘complete overhaul’ approach, i.e., upgrade all machines or discard all old machines.
    4. If you think the question is wrong, then you are wrong: There are times when you might think that the question is incorrect. At such times, remember point 1. These exams are prepared by professionals and the probability of you misinterpreting a question is far higher than the question being wrong. And anyway, you can’t do anything about it during the exam, so the best thing to do is to attempt the question to the best of your ability
    5. The Method of Elimination works – use it: This is especially important when you get a single answer choice question. Even if you don’t know the subject matter relating to the question well, you can eliminate the choices which clearly don’t make sense. The very least you do is increase your probability of being right if you have to guess. In the best cases, all except the correct answers can be eliminated.
    6. Practice performing the binary math calculations: It helps immensely while answering questions related to IP addresses.
    7. Breadth of the subject matter is more important than depth: Remember that the Network+ is not testing whether you are an expert in a particular aspect of networking. Rather, it tests your fundamentals of networking across a wide variety of topics. So while preparing, make sure you focus on covering all the topics first rather than getting into the details of each.
    8. Pick the low hanging fruits first: Remember that you can always come back to answer a question later. So do not spend too much time trying to answer a difficult question as this is not an adaptive test so the difficulty level will not change depending on your answers. So just answer the ones you are sure you know and then come back to attempt the difficult ones later.
    9. Practice, practice and more practice: Practice indeed makes perfect. So attempt as many practice tests as possible. Once you are done with the official CompTIA practice tests, attempt the one on the MyITstudy website which have been designed by CompTIA Network+ training experts.

Keep in mind all the above points and you should be able to clear the CompTIA Network+ exam with ease.

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