How ITIL can improve information security

There are many ways that ITIL can improve how organizations implement and manage information security.

  1. Often it is thought that information security is a cost centre to business. However ITIL helps in keeping the business and information security focused. Here the business process owners and IT discuss information security services which ensure that services and business needs are aligned.

2. Implementing ITIL in organizations helps in developing and implementing information security in an organized way as per the best practices. This also allows the information security staff to work in a planned and structured approach.

3. ITIL suggests a continuous review of your process which in turn helps to maintain effectiveness in information security by ensuring that the requirements, environments and threats are addressed.

4. ITIL has documented processes and standards that can be audited and monitored. This enables organization to understand value of information security program and confirm with the regulatory requirements

5. ITIL offers a foundation upon which information security can build. It involves a number of best practices – Change Management, Incident Management, Configuration Management,  - that can significantly improve information security

6. ITIL simplifies the terms of information security so that the staff can discuss the same with other groups in the organization in a simple manner. In most companies, managers usually are not equipped to understand about encryption and firewalls but implementing ITIL helps them to understand and appreciate the ITIL concepts like incorporating information security into defined processes for improving service and maintaining the SLAs. ITIL helps in making the staff aware that information security is key to the success of an organization

7. The organized fashion of ITIL framework ensures that they it doesn’t allow room for hurried and disordered implementation of information security measures. This is because ITIL requires for planning and constructing a stable, quantifiable information security measures into IT services. This allows organizations to save time, effort and money.

8. The reporting structure in ITIL helps the organization to be well informed about the efficiency of information security measures taken. This reporting structure also allows for making of well informed decisions about the risks organization may face.

9. ITIL clearly defines roles and responsibilities in a manner that when incident does occurs it is clear as to who would be responsible and how it should be handled.


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