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How can ITIL CSI be Made More Effective?

We accept that our title is a bit vague. How can ITIL CSI be made more effective than what? The “what” is missing on purpose. That’s because we suspect the reason this title attracted your attention is that you already see room for improvement in your organization’s Continual Service Improvement efforts. …

ITIL Service Strategy – Key Roles & Responsibilities

The Service Strategy publication defines some specific roles and responsibilities associated with the execution of a successful service strategy, including:  Business Relationship Manager (BRM): BRMs establish a strong business relationship with the customer by understanding the customer’s business and their customer outcomes. BRMs work closely with the Product Managers to …

ITIL Continual Service Improvement

Continual Service Improvement (CSI) is concerned with maintaining value for customers through the continual evaluation and improvement of the quality of services and the overall maturity of the ITSM service lifecycle and underlying processes. CSI combines principles, practices and methods from quality management, Change Management and capability improvement, working to …


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