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Application of Concepts through Real-Life Experience

The best kind of knowledge comes from experience. At MyITstudy, we know that understanding IT Service Management is not just about passing an exam. It is about real-world experience. ITIL Certified professionals need to evolve with their ever-changing industries. Each situation is different, and the market is always changing.

Based on years of experience in delivering effective IT training courses, we have designed these courses to not only assist in certification, but also to empower with best practices in IT Service Management.

We achieve this by providing a unique blend of concepts, case studies and role-play simulations that guarantee our students know how to implement project management in their organizations. Case studies and role-plays are great ways to enhance the learning experience, to get students involved and facilitate the comprehension of concepts. They improve on lectures and reading assignments, by having students participate and deliberate about how the concepts that they learn during the course can be successfully applied to real-life situations.

All our instructors are expert facilitators who guide their groups through the role-play exercises, providing individual attention at the same time.

Our industry-leading pass rate of 99+% and the excellent student feedback we receive provides testimony to the effectiveness of our training methodology.

See for yourself how our case studies can help you implement project management strategies:

Case study: Innovations supermarket chain wants to launch an e-commerce website to manage their inventories and sales, improve revenue and better manage their inventories.

Let us consider the role Capacity Management, a process from Service Design, can play in launching this service.

Capacity Management is a balancing act between your resources and costs, demand and supply.

The following should be considered when capacity planning for the website:

  • Analyze pages most frequently visited by users (most accessed pages).
  • The amount of time for a webpage to load (transaction time).
  • The amount of time a user spends on each webpage (latency).
  • The number of users expected to simultaneously access a site (user load).
  • Common paths through a website (user sessions).
    • Review the current capacity and performance of resources and capabilities, such as the capacity of staff to handle new customer calls and email or chat support during peak hours.
    • Improve current service and component capacity for new e-commerce service.
    • Assess, agree and document new requirements and capacity.
    • Plan new capacity: do we have enough resources and capabilities required to launch the e-commerce website?
Capacity Management gets its input from Demand Management and is also closely related to Financial Management.
  • Business Capacity Management: creating a section on the website where customers can find latest information about products. Planning this well in advance is crucial to minimize risks and optimize resources.
  • Service Capacity Management: ensuring response time of one minute and capability to accommodate 5,000 concurrent visitors at any given point of time.
  • Component Capacity Management: scheduled downtime or having alternative routers and switches that enable maintenance each month; monitoring systems can be created to keep eye on threshold.
Role-play: A supplier providing quality-oriented towers, routers and switches to a service provider for effective and better 4G service to its customers in terms of understanding supplier contracts (Underpinning Contract) and supporting Service Level Agreements (SLA).

In this role-play, our students play the roles of supplier, service provider and customer. They understand the roles and responsibilities associated with each group and the interrelationships among them. By the end of the role-play, our students will be able to relate to the various concepts, terms and processes related to a specific lifecycle stage.

These real-world examples are similar to the situations you will embrace as certified ITIL professionals, and we want to prepare you to achieve better results. Not just in successfully passing your ITIL Certification Exam, but also at your work place. We are not preparing you just for the ITIL Examination, we are preparing you to be a successful ITIL professional.

MyITstudy is happy to customize coursework specifically to your company or industry, positively impacting your service management objectives right from the start. For more details, please contact us today at studyitil@myitstudy.com.

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